Clinton Campaign Live-Tweeted Hillary’s Speech with All Kinds of Ridiculous Slides


hillary clinton h stage roosevelt islandWhile compiling a roundup of the funniest Twitter reactions to Hillary Clinton‘s speech at Roosevelt Island, two rather interesting trends became readily apparent.

First, there were reporters everywhere at the rally. This comes as no surprise, considering how high of a media profile Clinton already has going into her official campaign push for 2016. Whether or not the journalists were outnumbered by her supporters remains to be seen. (At least, depending on what station you watch.)

The second came in the form of one tweeter’s observation that Clinton’s official Twitter account was live-tweeting the entire speech with prepared slides, quotes and infographics. Seriously?

Seriously. I switched over to Clinton’s feed and sure enough, the campaign aide running the account was hastily posting items in sync with all the talking points. Just in case everyone had forgotten that the event was taking place on Roosevelt Island, Clinton opened with a two day-late #TBT:

After that, we saw old family photos:

And plenty o’ GIFs:

There was plenty more use of the Clinton campaign logo’s interesting use of red and blue, as well as the “Republican” arrow pointing to the right:

That’ll give people who actually care about that “issue” plenty of fodder to analyze for awhile.

Of course, Pride Week got some colorful representation:

But let’s be honest, the real stars of Clinton’s live-tweet are the slides and the infographics:

Seeing these reminds me of my school days, back when teachers tried to keep my attention with even flashier visual presentations on projector screens. It mostly worked, but this was before Twitter-capable smartphones became a reality.

[Image via Twitter]

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