CNN and Other Media Outlets Blocked From White House Gaggle

A number of media outlets have been blocked from attending a White House press gaggle being held today. Among those banned are CNN, Politico, the LA Times, BuzzFeed and the New York Times. (CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin immediately commented that this was “not okay.”)

The Associated Press and TIME boycotted the gaggle due to these outlets being banned.

As noted above, some mainstream outlets were allowed in, such as ABC and CBS, as well as a number of conservative ones.

According to the White House, there was not a gaggle block as the pool was represented and some others were merely added.

During his Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) speech this morning, President Donald Trump once again railed against the media, claiming he doesn’t see the entirety of the press as the enemy of the people, only the “fake news” media. He also took specific shots at CNN, calling them the “Clinton News Network.”

Following the action taken by the White House, the New York Times and CNN responded, highlighting that this unprecedented. Meanwhile, other journalists took to Twitter to make their dissatisfaction with the White House clear.

However, former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer felt the whole thing was overblown by the press.

Watch the report above, via CNN.

UPDATE 4:45 PM ET: CNN’s Jake Tapper called the action by the White House “un-American” at the beginning of The Lead today.

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