CNN Panel Debate on Immigration Gets Heated: ‘It Must Be So Nice to Be a White Male’


Charles Blow, Jeffrey Lord, and Ana Navarro got into a heated debate on immigration during a CNN panel on Wednesday.

Appearing on Anderson Cooper: 360, Lord — CNN’s resident Trump surrogate — talked about how he considers himself an American despite having Irish ancestry and having “corned beef and cabbage and maybe a green beer” on St. Patrick’s Day.

“We have to move past this,” Lord said. “And not do a thing where we are, in essence, re-segregating the country. That’s a bad thing.”

Navarro replied: “You know, Jeff, it must be so nice to be a white male…I think you just completely missed the point of — What makes us wonderful here in America is that I can go celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and that you can celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Or that you can celebrate the 15th of September. And that does not define being American.”

Lord responded by saying, “I more or less 100 percent agree with everything you just said. I’m not disagreeing with that. My concern is…with all this business of identifying communities, you know, ‘this community,’ ‘that community,’ et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. With all the emphasis on that, that it keeps people from assimilating into the larger American culture.”

Navarro said that Lord’s man, President Donald Trump, is the most guilty offender in this regard.

“Nobody does more identity politics than Donald Trump!” Navarro said. “The guy who came down, announced he was running for president and called Mexicans rapists. Nobody does more identity politics than the guy who called for the Muslim ban. Nobody does more identity politics than the guy who tweets out against transgenders. So if you want there to be no identity politics…my request to you is to start by telling the president you support, regardless of what he does, to stop doing it himself.”

New York Times Op-Ed columnist Charles Blow then joined the discussion.

“White people literally invented the racial caste system in this country. Look at the American Anthropological Association. They had a whole statement about this. Literally invented it in order to advantage themselves and disadvantage others.”

Lord interjected: “And then they all became Democrats.”

“Okay, you can go with that if you want to,” Blow said. “But I’m going to finish this point.”

Blow asked Lord if he saw the “historical flip-flopping” between the government response to crack and opioids.

“I do see the historical flip-flopping,” Lord said. “And what I see is when Dr. King said that he wanted an America where his children were judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. We now have liberals saying, in essence, that’s racist. And that’s wrong…We all have to identify by race. That’s wrong.”

Lord added, “The law has to be colorblind.”

And Blow said, “It’s cute now that you’re saying it needs to be colorblind. But it wasn’t…colorblind when it was helping people to oppress other people.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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