CNN’s Brian Stelter Knocks ‘Highly Unethical’ Fox News Over Bombshell Seth Rich Lawsuit


Earlier today, the news world was rocked by the allegations brought forth in an explosive lawsuit. The suit, filed by Fox News contributor and private investigator Rod Wheeler, claims that a pro-Trump investor and Fox News reporter concocted a false report on slain DNC staffer Seth Rich’s murder. And if that wasn’t enough, Wheeler also alleges that President Donald Trump supervised the whole thing, all in an effort to distract from the Russia probe.

This evening on CNN, senior media correspondent Brian Stelter took the opportunity to take some shots at Fox News regarding the claims that have been made by Wheeler.

After recapping the allegations made by Wheeler and how it will be a tough case to prove, Stelter reacted to Ed Butowsky — the Trump supporter who hired Wheeler and is named in the suit — contacting Fox News and telling them what angles to push.

“Very unusual at a normal television news operation,” he told anchor Anderson Cooper. “But maybe not unusual for Fox News.”

When Cooper remarked about a political operative emailing Fox News employees to tell them what they should be talking about, Stelter added that it was “highly unethical.”

“A lot of this about Fox seems highly unethical,” he added.

UPDATE! A Fox News Insider hits back, telling Mediaite: “Last we checked, it’s highly unethical for a CNN contributor to provide debate questions to the democratic candidate for president at a CNN debate.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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