CNN’s Phil Mudd: Flynn Memo a Sign That There’s a ‘Size-16’ Shoe About to Drop in Russia Probe


CNN’s Phil Mudd believes the Michael Flynn sentencing memo is an indicator that something big’s about to go down in special counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation.

Speaking on CNN’s New Day, the network’s counterterrorism analyst indicated that all signs are pointing to bad news for President Donald Trump.

“I’m putting a bunch of pieces together that are not evident but look clear to me,” Mudd said. “Number one, you’ve gotta combine what this document says with the information, for example, about the extent of interviews with people like Don McGahn, with other people from the White House. You’ve gotta look at the number of times that this individual, General Flynn, met with the special counsel. Look at another thing. There’s specific reference about not investigating lies or money trails — which is what got Paul Manafort. There’s specific references to cooperation on Russia.

What does that all add up to?

“There’s about a size-16 shoe gonna drop here,” Mudd said. “And that shoe is not going to be related to lying or to just financial irregularities — which we’ve seen in the past. I think they’re centering in on the core of the investigation — which is what Flynn and others are saying about cooperation with Russia.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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