CNN’s Smerconish: Trump’s Pardon of Arpaio Will Not ‘Be Lost In the Storm’


Last night, with much of the media’s attention focused on Hurricane Harvey and the devastating impact it would have on the Texas coast, the White House dumped a hat trick of huge stories. Besides the announcements that President Donald Trump had signed an order banning transgender individuals from the military and presidential deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka had been fired, we also got the news that Trump had pardoned controversial former Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

At the top of his CNN program this morning, host Michael Smerconish addressed the Friday night news dump during a major storm, noting that if the White House was hoping they could bury these stories, the age of the smartphone blew that concept out of the water.

“In the 24/7 cycle in which we live where everybody is tethered to a smartphone the premise that you can hide news on a Friday night is a dated concept,” he stated. “None of us is waiting for a Saturday morning or afternoon newspaper. Those days are long over.”

He then said it was possible that the Gorka firing and the transgender ban might fall under the radar a little bit, but that he doesn’t “think the pardon of Joe Arpaio will be lost in the storm.”

Smerconish went on to wonder aloud why Trump would want to bury the Arpaio news considering that he hinted the pardon was coming earlier in the week at his Phoenix rally, to great applause.

“The bigger takeaway from last night is the message the pardon might be sending to those investigated by special counsel Robert Mueller,” he noted. “Will they now be emboldened, believing that the president will have their back if they become legally entangled? That might be the bigger message sent by the Arpaio pardon.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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