Colbert Lampoons Alex Jones Apologizing: ‘Jeff Goldblum Is Not a Robot Controlled By Islamic Field Mice’


Recently, conspiracy theorist and InfoWars founder Alex Jones settled a lawsuit with yogurt giant Chobani after claiming there was a connecting between the company and refugees who raped a girl in Idaho. As part of his settlement, Jones had to retract those statements and issue an apology.

Well, on The Late Show last night, host Stephen Colbert had himself a time at Jones’ expense. Pulling out his Tuck Buckford character — a direct Jones parody — Colbert mocked Jones’s apology by reeling off a number of crazed conspiracy theories Buckford apparently was forced to rescind due to court action.

“I regret that I mischaracterized Virgin Airlines,” he said. “I do know now they do not use their planes to spray clouds of Viagra onto our nation’s playgrounds to incite an anti-government revolution of unstoppable middle-school sex warriors. My bad!”

And the apologies continued.

“Actor Jeff Goldblum is not a robot controlled by Islamic field mice,” Buckford insisted. “I have no idea what the religion of those field mice is. My apologies.”

The character would keep issuing mea culpas for supposed plots, some of which involved the Chicago Bulls, cottage cheese and the movie Marley and Me.

Watch the whole hilarious segment above, via CBS.

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