FLOTUS and Ivanka Trump Go Sans-Headscarf in Saudia Arabia After Trump Bashes Michelle Obama For Same Thing


Donald Trump is in Saudi Arabia on his first foreign trip as president. Naturally, he has wife Melania Trump and daughter Ivanka Trump along with him. The Guardian and other outlets are reporting that the women aren’t covering their heads with scarves, which is totally fine. Hillary Clinton didn’t when she was Secretary of State.

But wait… what’s this?

Hmm, looks like he criticized Michelle Obama for not wearing a scarf to cover her head while she was in Saudi Arabia two years ago. Could it be that his issue with her was never the scarf all along?

“Many people” think so.

Back when the tweet first came out, someone asked if he’s force Melania and Ivanka to do it. Yesterday, someone replied with this…

…and now the tweets pointing out the hypocrisy won’t stop.

For Trump, gaffes involving religious or cultural traditions are common. Remember the time he tried to put money in the communion plate at church?

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