College Professor Suspended for Game of Thrones T-Shirt


Either the administration at Bergen Community College in New Jersey are staunch supporters of Robert the Usurper, or they don’t get the joke: A.V. Club reports that the school recently suspended a Game of Thrones fan/professor for sharing a photo of his daughter in a yoga pose, wearing a shirt with the motto of the series’ exile queen, Daenerys Targaryen.

Granted, any fan of the series knows that the Targaryen motto, “I Will Take What Is Mine with Fire and Blood,” is a pretty violent statement. But that’s because, as everyone knows, the Targaryens had dragons, which are fictional creatures that do not exist, and used them to take things, like empires.

Instead, the school interpreted Francis Schmidt’s t-shirt’s reference to “fire” as a reference to “AK-47s,” which would make sense, if dragons were the type of fictional creature that opened their mouths and shot bullets out of their stomachs.

Schmidt, an arts and animation teacher at Bergen Community College, told that he believed he was targeted after complaining about being passed over for a sabbatical — in essence, he got Red Wedding’d.

In a statement, the school called their sad ignorance of pop culture “a private personnel matter” and said that they had to investigate whenever someone raised any safety or security concerns. ” Since January 1, 2014, 34 incidents of school shootings have occurred in the United States,” they stated, avoiding the question of whether any acts of school violence had been perpetrated by dragons.

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