Columnist Writes Scathing Take-Down of James O’Keefe for Attempting to Impersonate Him


Brian Dickerson‘s Detroit Free Press column from last Wednesday starts out with a bang:

James O’Keefe is a professional liar.

He just isn’t very good at it.

James O’Keefe is a lot of things. He is a conservative muckraker whose antics are occasionally so out-there that they draw the ire of people like Eric Bolling. He is a reported party planner. All he really sets out to be, though, is an investigator. The big investigation in question this time is here:

See, he pretended to be Dickerson and tried to get a ballot in an effort to prove that voter fraud is a real and serious problem. The goal was to tape it and make opponents of voter I.D. laws look foolish.

You can see him very clearly say that he is, in fact, Brian Dickerson. The real Dickerson used his column on Wednesday to quote Michigan statute 168.932 as saying, “A person shall not, at an election, falsely impersonate another person, or vote or attempt to vote under the name of another person . . .” 

Anyway, the woman at the precinct knew right away that the man before her was not Dickerson, so when he couldn’t show I.D., she gave him an affidavit and after he left, she alerted the woman at the county clerk’s office. By the time O’Keefe got there for the big confrontation during which he claimed he had come so close to voting as Dickerson, the clerk had been alerted. Had the real Dickerson not completed an absentee ballot the day prior, O’Keefe might have been able to cast a ballot in that name, but would have been caught once the real Dickerson showed up and it became obvious that there were two ballots assigned to the same name and address.

Had he signed the affidavit, he could be looking at jail time. Why? Because the laws in place in Michigan work and do what they are supposed to, according to Dickerson.

His whole piece is worth a read if only because he calls O’Keefe a “millennial reprobate,” which is one of those burns you have to store away in your own stash for future use.

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