Conservative Group Will Continue Partnership with D’Souza ‘At This Point in Time’

Though conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza is now a convicted felon, his partnership with the Young America’s Foundation, a group that promotes conservative ideas on college campuses, is standing by him. At least for now.

On Tuesday, D’Souza was sentenced to five years of probation for violating campaign finance laws. The judge’s ruling came just three weeks after YAF announced a partnership with D’Souza that would put him on a tour of U.S. college campuses where he would show his conservative films.

“At this point in time we fully support Dinesh D’Souza and plan to continue with our campus tour program this fall,” YAF spokeswoman Ashley Pratte told Mediaite. “We have not heard that he is unable to participate and plan to continue as planned–spreading his message to campuses nationwide.”

D’Souza was even booked by Liberty University the same day of his conviction, according to an email sent out by YAF Executive Director Patrick Coyle.

We’ve requested comment from Liberty University.

As part of his sentencing, D’Souza is to spend eight months in San Diego a “community confinement center” and also undergo “therapeutic counseling.”

[Image via Dinesh D’Souza]

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