Keith Olbermann Critic Calls Him “A Target,” And Asks “Won’t Somebody Stop Him?”

A woman whose online bio describes her as a “humor writer” (as well as “fine artist, excellent cook, devoted wife”) has called MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann “a target,” and asked for someone to “stop him.”

The post written by Andrea Rouda carries the headline “Speaking of Target Practice,” and–after listing murdered leaders including JFK, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Benazir Bhutto–suggests “there are so many good targets still out there. Take Keith Olbermann.”

Rouda, apparently responding to Olbermann’s Saturday night “Special Comment” on the Arizona shooting spree, calls Olbermann “the Devil himself:”

In the wake of yesterday’s horrific shooting of a young congresswoman, the Devil himself who walks among us in the form of a TV “journalist” has decided that Sarah Palin and the Tea Party are responsible and is spreading his usual vitriol.

Please, won’t somebody stop him?

Olbermann sent out a link to the page--which also features a picture of a puppy billed as the “Daily Puppy”–to his Twitter followers Sunday afternoon, resulting in well over 100 comments, most of them attacking Rouda, or suggesting that she should be sent to prison. Olbermann later used his Twitter account to urge his followers not to “act on” or even leave comments on the page, saying “it’s already being addressed.”

A screen shot of the post below:

Update – 5:30pm 01/09/10: It appears the post has been removed for her blog:

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