Cruz Cruises to Top of New Iowa Poll Thumping Trump and Carson

cruzIn a new poll on voters likely to participate in the Republican caucus, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has pulled ahead of Donald Trump and Ben Carson to claim his first lead of the nomination cycle in Iowa.

According to a survey from Monmouth University, Cruz’s consolidation of evangelical and Tea Party factions has placed him at 24% of total support, followed by Trump with 19%, Marco Rubio with 17%, and Carson with 13%.

While Trump has been the frontrunner for most of the GOP election season so far, he has taken hits recently in his Iowa pull numbers that have seen him trading the lead with Carson. Politico noted a Quinnipiac University poll exemplifying this last month, which gave Trump 25%, Carson 18%, and Cruz floated between them with 23%.

As Carson continues to surge, the Wall Street Journal noted that Trump’s numbers have reached a relative plateau, while Carson’s numbers have sunk due to what could possibly be concerns about his foreign policy knowledge. Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, attributed Cruz’s gain to Carson’s decline.

Among focuses on evangelicals and Tea-partiers — who make up a significant potion of Iowa’s voting population — Cruz’s numbers place him at 30 and 36% support respectively, Trump with 18 and 20%, and Carson at 15 and 17%.

Iowa’s caucus, the first critical nomination juncture of the election cycle, will be held on February 1.

[h/t The Hill]
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