Cuomo Battles Lewandowski in Tense Gun Debate: You’re Using Calls to Repeal 2A as a ‘Bogeyman’


Outgoing New Day anchor Chris Cuomo and former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski slugged it out Thursday on the issue of guns. And things got a bit tense.

Much of the discussion focused on the New York Times op-ed penned by former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens earlier this week in which he called for a repeal of the second amendment.

Both men asserted such a move is politically untenable. Cuomo argued Lewandowski was trying to use the Stevens argument as a scare tactic to rally conservatives.

Lewandowski: Realistically, are we going to repeal the fourth amendment [in addition to the second]? We going to repeal the first amendment?

Cuomo: Nobody is asking to repeal any amendment. But you guys are using it as a bogeyman. And I don’t know how that helps us solve the problem.

Lewandowski: Somebody did ask to repeal it.

Cuomo: He’s a retired Supreme Court Justice…now you’re making it like it’s a main line of the conflict. And it’s a distraction. And it keeps us apart. I just don’t get it.

Lewandowski: This is a former member of the highest court in the land who’s making this recommendation!

Cuomo: I know who he is! But he’s not a player in this!

Lewandowski: He is a player in this!

Cuomo: He doesn’t lead an organization. He’s not an elected official. There’s no momentum behind any call like this in Congress. Come on.

Lewandowski: He was a colleague of one of the nine individuals —

Cuomo: I know who he is. I know who he was.

Lewandowski: He’s trying to influence those people to make decisions based on a tragedy which took place in Parkland. Now, whether that issue ever comes to the Supreme Court, who knows? Do I think it’s realistic? Of course it isn’t? But is he trying to influence his colleagues to crack down on gun control? Of course he is.

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