Viral Star Dale Peterson Wants You To Send Non-Thug Alex Schriver To Washington

Listen up! You remember Dale Peterson, of course. He’s the man who once campaigned for the role of Alabama Agriculture Commissioner with the gusto and high-rise denim we’ve come to expect from a man who gives a rip about Alabama. Later, he went on to throw his support behind fellow candidate and non-dummy John McMillan. Well, he’s back! This time, Peterson appears in another long-awaited (by us, at any rate) video for Alabama’s own Alex Schriver as he campaigns for chair of the College Republican National Committee.

Peterson is a man who knows the power of a well-executed meme and, at the risk of seeming too self-aware, he brings back on what are by now his signature catchphrases (Criminals and thugs! Listen up!), and his iconic (that’s right – iconic) outfit, complete with cowboy hat and blue jeans.

He also, it should be noted, uses the patented “one leg raised, hand placed, jauntily, on one hip” pose to maximum effect. Nicely done, sir. Nicely done.

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