Dan Bongino Rages Against Daily Beast For Saying His NRA TV Show Got Cancelled: ‘I DECLINED A GENEROUS RENEWAL OFFER’


Conservative commentator and Fox News contributor Dan Bongino went on a Twitter rampage on Monday over a “Fake News” article about how his show on NRATV is getting canned.

The Daily Beast has a story citing two sources who say the National Rifle Association’s media arm is not renewing Bongino’s show We Stand. Further, NRA TV is reportedly dropping Bongino from their lineup of commentators.

The development suggests that the NRA is doing some considerable downsizing after a $55 million drop in revenue already forced them into a situation where a number of workers were laid off. Bongino has noticed the report, and he’s making it very obvious that he has some problems with it.

It started with these tweets in which Bongino promised to “thoroughly embarrass” Beast writer Lachlan Markay for his “fabricated” report. He also slammed the Beast as a whole, while claiming he declined a lucrative renewal contract.

Bongino proceeded to shoot himself in the foot by more or less admitting Markay did his job by reaching out for comment.

And then, there were a bunch of rage-tweets inviting questions over the semantics of whether not being renewed is effectively the same thing as getting cancelled.

And now, because you’ve all made it this far, here’s a little bonus: Some additional sniping between Bongino and Beast contributor Cliff Schecter.

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