Delta’s Response to Ann Coulter’s Tweetstorm Perfectly Sums Up Problems in Today’s Political Discourse

In the event you spent this lovely summer weekend gleefully unplugged from the news distractions of the day, here’s one story you may have missed.

It appears that political provocateur Ann Coulter was not pleased that she was booted from her extra-legroom assigned seat, and took to Twitter to complain to Delta Airlines. Coulter being Coulter, she did this in a manner that brought a lot of attention to her plight — both negative and positive.

Well today Delta Airlines responded in kind with the following tweets:

The first addressed the issue:

But the second was a remarkably bold admonishment from a corporate social media feed:

Insulting others is unacceptable and unnecessary…if only our elected officials, aspiring politicians and opiniotainment professionals would pay heed to Delta’s comments.

What a wonderful world we would see.

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