Democratic Senator Compares Trump Budget to Enron

It’s no secret that Donald Trump’s proposed budget landed with a thud yesterday, but Maryland’s Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen found an especially colorful way to characterize it on Morning Joe, Wednesday.

Taking aim at the claim that sustained 3% growth would be required to make all the numbers work, Van Hollen was dismissive, and compared the math to Enron — a company now synonymous with accounting fraud.

“This thing is a total accounting fraud in the sense that, you know, other White Douses, Democrat and Republican, at least accept the Congressional Budget Office projections for economic growth within some perimeters,” said Van Hollen. “This one just assumes 3% economic growth and as a result they claim that it balances in ten years. It doesn’t balance. It is something that would make the Enron accountants blush. It is a scam.”

The Maryland Democrat has not been alone in his criticism of the budget. On the same program, Scarborough himself called it hateful, while late night host Jimmy Kimmel said it’s arrival was comparable to the Fyre Festival. Even on the right, Republican Senators like John McCain and Lindsey Graham have been frosty. The former bluntly said “yes” when asked by reporters yesterday if the budget was “dead on arrival.”

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