Dennis Rodman Breaks Down In Emotional Interview on Good Morning America

Basketball legend and Kim Jong Un whisperer, Dennis Rodman sat for his first interview since returning from his latest trip to North Korea.

The star came in for tremendous criticism after visiting the rogue nation for a second time and palling around with the leadership of their country as Otto Warmbier lay braindead and dying in U.S. hospital.

It became emotional at the end, as Rodman, sitting with his agent Chris Volo, wept behind dark glasses.

“I didn’t know he was sick,” said Rodman. “I didn’t know I was the one supposed to go over there and get him out.”

Rodman’s GMA inquisitor was another former spots star, Michael Strahan. In a polished performance, Strahan pressed Rodman about his real goal for the trip.

“Is that part of your motivation? he asked. “To be on T.V.”

“I am too damn famous for this,” said an indignant Rodman. “I’m not trying to sound cocky, but my God. What am I getting out of this? I’m going over there out of the kindness of my heart trying to help. And next thing you know, you come back. Wow. What did I do that’s so bad”

Rodman then trailed off and broke down.

“Seeing you get emotional. Do you think these trips you’ve taken. Do you think these trips you’ve taken have been worth all the criticism,” asked Strahan.

“Absolutely” said Volo who was swiftly echoed by Rodman.

The roughly six minute exchange also revealed a number of bombshells, including a contention from Volo that the North Koreans released Otto Warmbier as a result of their direct intervention.

In addition, Rodman again went out of his way to praise the regime, doubling down on his “friendship” with dictator Kim Jong Un and marveling at how happy everyone in North Korea seemed to be.

“You think everyone there is actually happy?” asked Strahan in disbelief.

“People don’t see the good side about that country. People don’t see him as a friendly guy, but if you actually talk to him.”

“When you see him do you see a different guy. Does he smile? Does he talk? Is he open?” asked Strahan.

“We always talk. We sing karaoke. It’s so fun. Ride horses. Everything,” said Rodman “These people don’t hate us. It’s the politics thats the bad thing.”

It’s quite an interview.

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