#DentureDonald Dominates Twitter After The Daily Show Urges Viewers ‘Not’ To Tweet It


On Wednesday night, Trevor Noah mocked President Trump‘s denture mishap while he addressed the nation about Jerusalem.

“Think about it; fake teeth, fake hair, fake tan, like there’s no part of his body that’s real!” Noah joked.

The Daily Show host clarified that there’s “no shame” in having dentures, but “there is shame in Donald Trump wearing dentures” because he’s “vain as hell.”

“Can you imagine how he would feel if people started tweeting #DentureDonald?” Noah asked his viewers.

He then urged them not to do it because Trump is “so sensitive.”

Of course, Twitter ran with it.

By early Thursday morning, #DentureDonald became one of the top trends on Twitter.

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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