Despondent Trump Supporters Blame Conspiracy For Loss: #MicrosoftRubioFraud


rubioDonald Trump fans reacted to the news that their candidate was a total loser Monday by coming up with a nefarious plot to rob him of the presidency, summarized in the hashtag #MicrosoftRubioFraud.

The gist of the conspiracy (which– surprise!– was started by Breitbart) is this: the app used by Democrats and Republicans to report caucus votes was created by Microsoft. Microsoft has donated money to Marco Rubio, and supports an increase in skilled migrants to the United States. Ergo, the cuckservatives at Microsoft fixed the Iowa caucus so that Rubio can Make America Awful Again and herald in a white genocide.

Interestingly enough, Rick Santorum managed to majorly outperform the pre-Iowa caucus polls in 2012 without the benefit of an evil corporation. Likewise, Trump supporters have yet to provide an explanation for why Microsoft only manipulated the vote enough to move Rubio from third place into… third place.

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