Don Lemon Admonishes Guest For Calling Fellow Panelist a ‘Sellout’: ‘There’s No Name Calling’


A CNN Tonight panel got so heated that host Don Lemon had to admonish one of his guests for name calling.

The heated debate took place during the third segment of Thursday night’s show. Lemon was moderating a panel comprised of three African American Republicans discussing the issue of diversity (or, more specifically, lack thereof) in the White House. Shermichael Singleton — who was a senior advisor working for HUD in President Donald Trump‘s White House until he was fired after just a few weeks — slammed Trump for the dearth of African Americans in his administration.

“Where in the hell are the black people?” He said. “I mean, seriously. Where are they?”

Paris Dennard — who worked in President George W. Bush‘s White House — backed Trump by noting that surgeon general Jerome Adams is a person of color. Singleton went back at Dennard, saying that he is referring to people who actually work inside the White House.

“Get over yourself, Paris!” Singleton said.

“Whoa!” Dennard said in response. “Shermichael, calm down. Maybe you’re bitter because you were fired.”

Singleton fired back.

“You really want to go there tonight, Paris?!” Singleton said. He added, “At least I have respect for my community. I’d rather have respect than be a sellout.”

Lemon didn’t appreciate the sellout remark. And he stepped in to support Dennard — with whom he is frequently at odds.

“I don’t like that,” Lemon said, referring to the sellout remark. “I respect you, Shermichael. I don’t like that. I mean, Paris and I, we have knock down, drag out fights on TV. But there’s no name calling.”

“Fair enough, Don,” Singleton said. “Fair enough.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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