Don Lemon Weighs in on Megyn Kelly/Alex Jones Interview: ‘I’d Rather Not Give Him a Platform’


Despite the interview still being a few days from airing, NBC News’ Megyn Kelly has taken a ton of heat for her decision to sit down with renowned conspiracy theorist and InfoWars founder Alex Jones. JP Morgan Chase has pulled ads from NBC News amid the uproar over the interview, with many — including Jones himself — calling for the segment to be pulled.

CNN’s Don Lemon weighed in on this issue and while saying that sometimes reporters need to go to “dark places,” he feels it ultimately isn’t worth it for Kelly to speak with Jones and give him airtime.

“The position she’s in — sometimes you gotta weigh the option,” Lemon told TMZ. “I don’t like giving people like Alex Jones a platform. But, what do you do? He’s out there.”

After explaining that journalists occasionally have to go places people don’t like, Lemon then cited Jones’ conspiracy mongering on the Sandy Hook shooting and statements made by his attorney as reasons he wouldn’t give him airtime.

“For someone like Alex Jones, I’d rather not give him a platform because he’s already admitted he doesn’t believe what he says,” he stated.

Lemon continued, “The Sandy Hook thing is disgusting. He’s admitted in court documents for his divorce that he doesn’t believe in what he’s saying — he’s playing a character.”

Kelly and her executive producer have defended her decision to interview Jones. Meanwhile, Kelly has been dropped from hosting a benefit for Sandy Hook victims.

Watch the clip above, via TMZ.

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