Donald Trump and Others Blast Obama on Ebola: Why Are You Sending Troops?


Donald Trump came out firing Thursday morning in an Instagram video in which he echoed those criticizing President Obama for sending troops to West Africa to combat Ebola and for not halting commercial flights from Ebola-stricken countries.

“President Obama, why are you sending 4,000 troops innocent soldiers over to West Africa to fight Ebola?” Trump said with a particularly blistering tone.

Sen. Rand Paul and conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham have both criticized President Obama’s decision to send troops to the region, citing the risk of the soldiers contracting the virus and bringing it back with them to the U.S.

“And by the way, stop the flights into the United States now,” he added. Prominent voices including Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal have called on President Obama to do the same. An NBC News survey released this morning shows a majority of Americans agree with that sentiment, but Tom Frieden, the director of the Center for Disease Control, has said that restricting travel to those nations could “backfire” and make it more difficult to combat the virus.

Trump also tweeted the following earlier Thursday morning:

Trump has been criticizing America’s actions related to Ebola since the beginning of the epidemic. In August, he objected to the arrival of an American Ebola patient to the U.S. for treatment after he contracted the virus while treating it in Liberia.

Watch the video below, via Donald Trump’s Instagram account:


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