Donald Trump Tweets at Wrong Ivanka… Who Tells Him to…


Oops. Donald Trump quoted a Twitter follower on Monday night who offered praise to his daughter, Ivanka. There’s just one problem: the user used the wrong Twitter handle, and he accidentally connected with an English woman who responded to the flap by giving the PEOTUS a piece of her mind.

The president-elect quoted an account who tweeted at him to say “@Ivanka Trump is great, a woman with real character and class.”

The thing is, the Twitter handle for mogul’s daughter is @IvankaTrump, whereas @Ivanka belongs to Ivanka Majic, a council worker who lives in Brighton. Majic took notice of her reference from Trump, so she used her unexpected platform to send him a message.

Trump’s Twitter habits have invited controversy in the past, and he has been known to be skeptical about the scientific evidence suggesting that humans have an effect on climate change.

Majic told CNN that Trump’s reference to her has resulted in thousands of Twitter messages and a huge surge in followers.

“It’s not every morning, well it’s never really, that I wake up and find that lots of international news agencies want to talk to me,” said Majic. “I had many, many mentions. I normally try to reply politely, but I’m not going to be able to get back to everyone today.”

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