Double Standard? Ellen Degeneres Takes Heat for ‘Sexualizing’ Katy Perry’s Breasts


Today, noted-sexist Ellen DeGeneres (…that’s a joke) got herself into hot water after making what some have taken to be demeaning comments about pop-star Katy Perry in a happy birthday tweet.

It is being argued by the very astute denizens of Twitterville that with the tweet, Ellen is minimizing Katy’s talent and character. While Ellen is generally an accepted beacon for the tame and inoffensive, some on Twitter were triggered by the tweet and have taken to decrying a double standard.

Former CNN host Piers Morgan and Comedian Michael Rappaport first helped sound the alarm for the offended:

While some may see the validity in Rappaport’s outrage, others in the media and even some of his own supporters bucked back at his attempt to decry the sexism of Ellen’s tweet:

Is it just me, or is the latest go-around on the outrage wheel always a little bit lamer than the last time?

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