Dr. Phil Show Accused of Supplying Addict Guest With Drugs and Alcohol Minutes Before Taping


Staffers at the Dr. Phil show, hosted by Dr. Phil McGraw, have been accused by at a former guest of supplying him with drugs and alcohol in order to make for a better television appearance — with family members of two others making similar allegations.

According to the health website STAT and the Boston Globe, Todd Herzog may have won the reality show Survivor in 2007, but by 2013 he was a suffering alcoholic. Dr. Phil flew Herzog and his family out to make an appearance on his show. Herzog claims that he arrived on-set sober, and inside of his dressing room were two well placed liters of vodka — which he drank. Then, Herzog said, someone who works on the show gave him a Xanax, saying it would “calm his nerves.”

“I show up to the studios and I’m sober,” Herzog told STAT and the Globe. “I’m hurting a lot and I’m shaking.

“They pull me into my dressing room and there was two liters of vodka and, like, some Red Bulls and orange juice… at some point somebody gave me a Xanax.”

Herzog condemned the thinking behind giving an alcoholic anti-anxiety medication, knowing that the combination could have put him in danger.

“So I had been drinking and I took a Xanax, which I had never taken before in my life, and I know that can be a deadly combination so why that was given to me I don’t know,” he said. “Next thing you know, I’m being carried on to the stage because I can barely walk.

“What would have happened if I had died there?”

Though Dr. Phil declined to comment on the report, the show did send staffer Martin Greenberg out with a response. He denied the accusation and laid the blame right at Herzog’s feet.

“These people volunteer to come on. They beg to come on,” he said. “Addicts are notorious for lying, deflecting and trivializing. But, if they are at risk when they arrive, then they were at risk before they arrived.”

Herzog isn’t the only guest that has lobbed similar accusations at the talk show host. Joelle King-Parrish has stated that a staffer actually accompanied her daughter to purchase heroin before an appearance on the program last year. And Marianne Smith claims a Dr. Phil producer helped her niece procure heroin.

According to Forbes, Dr. Phil is the highest-paid personality in daytime TV, making $79 million in 2016.

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