Elon Musk Unloads on Media in Tweetstorm, Cites Trump: ‘Why Do You Think He Got Elected?’


Scion of the future and Mars enthusiast Elon Musk is having a field day on Twitter, today, in what is an at least somewhat surprising tirade against the liberal media.

The Tesla CEO (recent Soros cash beneficiaries, by the way) on Wednesday unleashed hell against the media, and floated an idea for correcting them, too.

It all started when he attacked “big media” in a quote retweet featuring an article about Tesla, Inc.

Which he followed with immediate foreshadowing:

Then came pushback:

And now it is buckle your seatbelt time.

You don’t see many appearances of “this is why Trump won” from Elon’s circles.

He did finally get to the reveal.

And he took the pulse.

But still more:

It’s an interesting idea, and he… wait sorry, more burns.


Still, the “why he got elected in the first place” tweet was the clear winner. Even this guy thought so:

On the right, it is considered a matter of record, or at least article of faith, that media bias and media attitudes are a large part of the reason Trump was elected. From the point of view of Trumpists and conservatives alike, the primary battle in the war against the elites is the fight with the mainstream media.

Elon Musk just played that tune like he was born the Pied Piper. This will undoubtedly become part of the broader conservative narrative version of “wokeness”, along with tweets from Kanye West and any other members of the cultural A-list who criticize the press.

You can also expect liberal and media retaliation. Stay tuned.

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