Email Prankster Apparently Fooled Both Harvey Weinstein and His Ex-Adviser Lisa Bloom

An email prankster who has fooled a number of high-profile people in both the media and politics has apparently struck again — and this time it involves the huge Harvey Weinstein scandal.

As reported by CNN’s Jake Tapper this afternoon, the trickster posed as Weinstein to fool his former adviser Lisa Bloom, who recently dropped out from representing Weinstein following quite a bit of criticism tossed her way. In the email exchange on Sunday, the fake Weinstein told the real Bloom that he understood why she had to leave his team. She responded by telling the prankster that she was unaware of the more serious allegations against Weinstein. When the fake Weinstein asked what those allegations were, Bloom merely said “sexual assault.”

This email exchange all took place before the New Yorker published its bombshell report earlier today that alleged Weinstein had raped three women.

Weinstein himself was also fooled by the prankster. The trickster posed as Anita Dunn and, after receiving an email from Weinstein in which he said he was sick and needed advice, replied that redemption could be found only if he was “willing to be as brave as those who found the strength to stand up to you.” The fake Dunn added that Weinstein needed to accept his fate graciously and not look to “discredit those who your behavior has affected.” Weinstein responded by saying he agreed.

“That agreement notwithstanding, Weinstein’s attorneys and spokespeople have been doing the opposite of that,” Tapper noted. “They’ve been denying the allegations, and as obtained by journalist Janice Min, Weinstein himself has been writing and reaching out privately to Hollywood CEOs and moguls asking them to defend him.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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