Erick Erickson Mocked For Endorsing Trump in 2020: ‘Completes His 180’ on #NeverTrump


Conservative blogger Erick Erickson completed a full 180 on his “Never Trump” 2016 position Monday, publishing a post endorsing President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

Erickson’s cited Trump’s socially conservative record in office as partial justification for the change.

“The President has shown himself to not share my faith convictions any more than the other side, but the President has shown he is willing to defend my faith convictions and is supportive of them,” he wrote.

Erickson continued:

“In 2016, we knew who the Democrats were and were not sure of who Donald Trump was. Now we know both and I prefer this President to the alternative. I will vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. And, to be clear, it will not be just because of what the other side offers, but also because of what the Trump-Pence team has done. They’ve earned my vote.”

Roughly two years ago, as Trump’s popularity continued to grow during the GOP primaries, Erickson wrote a searing condemning to anyone who would stoop so low as to support the then top candidate: “As we have seen so far, those who are deluding themselves thinking that if they support Trump, he will support them, will instead find themselves slowly compromised on both their integrity and values.”

Numerous media figures viciously mocked Erickson on Twitter for the complete reversal:

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