Evangelical Radio Host Encourages Discrimination Against Gay People: Like We Do ‘Against Shoplifters’


Hey there, I'm awful!Oh, evangelical radio host Bryan Fischer. He never ceases to amaze us with his nutty rants against homosexuality; each time getting nuttier in a seemingly schizophrenic attempt to one-up himself in terms of ugly disdain for the consensual sexual activity he happens to find grotesque.

When it’s not connecting homosexuality to Nazism and calling people “homofascists,” he high-fives himself with commentary on how Uganda was right to want to criminalize gay sex, or rants about how the Sandy Hook massacre happened because we drove God out of public schools, or he climbs the crazy mountain by comparing gay people to bank robbers. Of course, there’s also his perpetual Muslim sharia panic, despite what is known as “Bayes’ Theorem” and, you know… rational thought.

Anyway… the point here is that he never seems to take it easy on the knuckle-dragging. There likely isn’t a day he goes on-air without popping a blood vessel over the gays or the Muslims or the seculars or the atheists or the homo-atheistic-lesbionic-God-haters. Today was certainly no exception.

During one of his diatribes called a “radio show” (which frequently stars Fischer’s compatriot in all-things-outrage Todd Starnes), the American Family Association analyst heaped lavish praise upon a Catholic school for firing a female teacher after it was revealed that she is a lesbian.

Of course, as a libertarian I believe that since they are a privately-financed prep school, they have the right to fire whomever they please if it does not fit the archaic image they unfortunately wish to exude. No one should be surprised when a devoutly religious school that’s part of the Catholic Church seeks to avoid open homosexuality among its ranks. That being said, we have the right to publicly mock them to no end and disagree with their medieval policy.

But what is particularly egregious about Fischer’s screed wasn’t so much that he obviously agreed with the school’s firing decision over a woman’s private sexual life; it was that he once again likened homosexuality to committing a coercive crime.

“It is right to discriminate against people who engage in aberrant sexual behavior,” he said, explaining that her “immoral sexual behavior” should be punished in the same way “we discriminate against shoplifters.”

You can scream it until their ears bleed, but it seems as though the televangelist crowd (Fischer, Starnes, Tony Perkins, Pat Robertson, etc.) will never quite grasp the concept of “consenting adults.” You may find homosexuality unseemly or immoral, but it is nothing like the distinctly coercive actions of holding up a bank teller or stealing a blouse from JCPenney’s.

It’s pretty simple. Perhaps too simple for even these guys to comprehend.

One other interesting point about Fischer’s little tirade: You can bet a pretty penny he’d be whining about discrimination if a teacher were punished for treating a gay student poorly or ridiculing Islam or something.

Watch below, via Right Wing Watch:

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