American Family Association

‘Pro-Family’ Org Puts Men in Women’s Toilets to Protest Men in Women’s Toilets

Of Course One Million Moms Doesn’t Like Fox’s New Lucifer Show

Adult Swim’s Black Jesus Earns Family Group’s Ire for ‘Denigrating’ Christ

Christian Group Will Refuse to Open Mail Sent with Harvey Milk Stamp

Evangelical Radio Host Encourages Discrimination Against Gay People: Like We Do ‘Against Shoplifters’

Christian Conservative Pearl-Clutchers Get JCPenney To Pull SNL Ads In Light Of ‘Djesus Uncrossed’ Sketch

Conservative Org Warns That Christians Will Soon Be ‘Second Class Citizens’ Like Blacks Under Jim Crow

Christian Radio Host: God Didn’t Stop CT Shooting Because We Took Prayer Out Of Classroom

Christian Radio Host Interprets ‘Genetic Homosexuality’ Studies To Mean Being Gay Is ‘Birth Defect’

Radio Host Rants Against GOP Hispanic Outreach: They’re Mexican ‘Socialists’ Who Come To ‘Plunder’ U.S.

Christian Radio Host Predicts: ‘There Will Be Blood’ And ‘Civil Unrest’ If Obama Loses Election

Activist Booted Off CNN Goes On Anti-Gay Rant: ‘This Is What The Gay Gestapo Looks Like In Action’

CNN Anchor Battles Anti-Gay Activist, Kicks Him Off After He Trashes ‘Toxic’ Homosexuality

Colbert Commends AFA For Speaking Out Against Totally Gay ‘Mix It Up At Lunch Day’

Anti-Gay Group Weighs Boycott Against Google Over ‘Legalize Love’ Campaign

American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer Compares Gays To Face-Eating Cannibal

Jon Stewart Hits Back At Religious Right’s Reaction To Openly-Gay Romney Spokesman

Evangelical Leader Bryan Fischer Declares ‘Huge Win’ After Romney’s Gay Spokesman Resigns

Social Conservative Activist Attacks Romney’s Hiring Gay Spokesman: Telling ‘Pro-Family Community’ To ‘Drop Dead’

Rick Perry Asks Americans To Join Him (And An Alleged Hate Group) In Prayer For Our Country

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