Ex-Breitbart Editor Slams ‘Vindictive, Nasty’ Former Boss for Signing On With Trump

shapiroConservative pundit Ben Shapiro is unloading on chief Stephen Bannon over the news that his old boss, has been named the new CEO of Donald Trump‘s campaign.

For four years, Shapiro was one of the conservative outlet’s most prominent voices, as well as their editor-at-large. All of that came to an end in March when he took part in a mass staff exodus after the website sided with the Trump campaign and Corey Lewandowski over Michelle Fields‘ accusation that Lewandowski manhandled her when she tried to ask Trump a question.

In the months since then, Shapiro has shown disgust with Trump on multiple occasions, as well as with Breitbart for all-but-officially becoming the Trump campaign’s media arm. Now that Bannon has been elevated by the Trump campaign, Shapiro has written a Daily Wire piece describing his history with his old employer, as well as all the negative reasons why he fits right in with his new home.

“Many former employees of Breitbart News are afraid of Steve Bannon,” Shapiro wrote. “He is a vindictive, nasty figure…He will attempt to ruin anyone who impedes his unending ambition, and he will use anyone bigger than he is – for example, Donald Trump – to get where he wants to go.”

After disdainfully describing as “Trump Pravda” in worship of its “Godking,” Shapiro painted Bannon as a master propagandist and a “personal opportunist” who latches onto any conservative figures offering him a leg up. Shapiro also critiqued Bannon’s leadership by saying he allowed the site to become a white supremacy cesspool that uses non-political correctness to excuse its odious qualities:

“There’s a reason Breitbart News went from hard-charging news outlet to drooling Trump mouthpiece. Bannon emerges from all of this unscathed. So what’s next on his agenda? If Trump wins, he’s in a position of high power; if Trump loses, Bannon could head up a new media empire with Trump’s support and the involvement of new Trump supporter and ousted former Fox News head Roger Ailes. Look for Sean Hannity to be a part of any such endeavor.”

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