Ex-Ferguson Police Chief: Dialogue Regarding Police Misconduct Needs to be Toned Down

In the wake of the deadliest attack for law enforcement in America since 9/11, CNN’s Don Lemon spoke to former Ferguson, Mo. Police Chief Thomas Jackson on contentious issues of police misconduct and Black Lives Matter protests.

Jackson acknowledged that the terror attack that targeted police officers in Dallas was carried out by one individual, but said that the divisive and anti-police rhetoric coming from demonstrators needed to be toned down.

“Now, this is one individual, and he is responsible for his actions, and he alone is responsible for what he did. No one else is to blame for these murders, these vicious shootings. But I think the dialogue around the country needs to change,” Jackson said.

“Do you understand the reason that there is a Black Lives Matter movement for — do you understand that there is a disconnect when it comes to the interactions between, especially young black men and police? Do you understand that?” Lemon asked.

“I could understand why there’s a dialogue and why people feel the way they do because of their own experiences, but a movement that’s advocating violence toward law enforcement, I can’t abide that,” Jackson responded.

“You think Black Lives Matter is doing that?” asked Lemon.

“I’ve heard them do it,” said Jackson.

Video courtesy of CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin

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