Ex-GOP Congressman: Donald Trump is ‘The Greatest Liar That’s Ever Sat in the White House’


On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski took some time to address that unusually combative press conference yesterday with Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The pair played the exchange between Sanders and Brian Karem, the executive editor of The Sentinel newspapers, in which Karem blasted Sanders’ anti-press talk as “inflammatory.”

Sanders retort against the falsehoods of the fourth estate didn’t go over very well on set.

“This lecture is coming from the greatest liar that’s ever sat in the White House,” said Scarborough in reference to Trump. “The New York Times highlighted a thousand lies. To compare Nixon to this guy is absolutely ridiculous. He lies every day. A lot of times he lies every minute. He forgets the lie he told five minutes ago.”

Mika came in for the assist.

“And then he props up people like Sarah Huckabee Sanders to back up his lies and she does it with a straight face,” she said “It’s incredibly disturbing.”

The criticism is par for the course from Scarborough — who, it is occasionally worth reminding, served as a Republican in the House representing Florida’s first district from 1995 to 2001.

Show regular — and surprisingly astute health care analyst — Heidi Przybyla also used the moment for a bit of speechifying of her own.

“I just think we need a fact check here because Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that we in all in media get to go on essentially promoting untruths. That is so wrong.” she said. “When we get is wrong, we at least have to run a correction. And sometimes there’s huge ramifications which is those three reporters were forced to resigned … They take an entire democratic institution, which is all of us, the fourth estate, and say we are fake news and that is why I think so many reporters have kind of had it up to here. We are not fake news.”

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