Film Mogul Harvey Weinstein Reportedly Lawyers Up Ahead of Explosive Stories About His Behavior

Hollywood giant Harvey Weinstein is reportedly lawyering up ahead of a potentially explosive story.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, multiple sources have said the 65-year-old producer and studio executive has “enlisted an army of attorneys and crisis managers” over the past several weeks due to a story from The New York Times about his “personal behavior.”

It is uncertain what specifically the story is about, but sources tell THR that the newspaper “has been calling dozens of current and former employees and associates of Weinstein, going back as far as the executive’s days running Miramax more than two decades ago.” They’ve also obtained internal human resources documents.

Weinstein issued the following statement to THR:

“The story sounds so good, I want to buy the movie rights.”

The NYT is apparently not the only one developing an exposé on Weinstein. Ronan Farrow is collaborating with The New Yorker for a “lengthy piece” he has been working on for roughly a year.

“We don’t comment on pieces we haven’t published,” a spokesman for The New Yorker told THR.

Weinstein runs the New York City-based The Weinstein Co. and is the Oscar-winning producer behind such films as Pulp FictionShakespeare in Love, Gangs of New York, Silver Linings Playbook, and The Hateful Eight.

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