FNC’s Harrigan: ‘There’s A Crisis Of Confidence In American Competence’

The last time we talked to Steve Harrigan he was covering the disaster in Haiti.

While he says this crisis isn’t nearly as bad, today Mediaite talked to Harrigan from the Gulf Coast about the way BP tries to “feed the media,” why this is a “real TV story” and more.

This is part of our new series, “Live From The Spill.” Our first interview came yesterday with NBC’s Brian Williams,

Below you can listen to the entire BlogTalkRadio podcast, which occurred this morning. We’ll have more “Live From The Spill” podcasts coming.

Here are a couple key exchanges, with the full interview after:

(:50) Mediaite: It’s day 45 right now. In the time that you’ve been in different places, and on this trip from Monday to Thursday, have you seen improvements? What have you seen in the region?

Harrigan: No, I haven’t seen any improvements and I think it’s a frustrating story for the people on land, because it seems to be there’s little that they can do. And as far as the people trying to fight this spill, at least from a distance, there’s real question marks about the effectiveness of what they can do as well, even the professionals and coast guard.

(1:40) Mediaite: In the report today you interviewed one woman who said she feels like she’s “in a third-world country, that’s how we’re being treated down here.” As you talk to the people of Louisiana what are some of the responses you’re getting?

Harrigan: I think there’s a few responses. one is sort of a question mark I’ve heard a lot in Iraq or Afghanistan when you get the same response. ‘You can put someone on the moon but you can’t do this.’ You can’t establish security. In this case it’s ‘You can put a man on the moon, but you can’t plug an oil hole?’ There’s a sort of crisis of confidence I think in American competence at this point. Why can’t we stop this after so long? I think there’s a real sadness about our inability to do anything effectively after so long. That, mixed with some real anger.

Here’s the full interview:

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