Forget Homophobic Chick-Fil-A! Nick Kroll Has Found The Best New Bigoted Chicken Spot: Chikk-Klub!

For a while now, it’s been seeming like hilarious cow-spelling aficionados/chicken chain Chick-fil-A might also be ultra religious bigots. Fortunately, CEO Dan Cathy cleared everything up yesterday with an interview in which he helpfully explained that, yes, they hate gay people. But, hey, why should they be the only fast food restaurant that’s run by a bunch of ridiculous bigots? The market’s wide open! Which is why it’s fantastic that comedian Nick Kroll has brought us Chikk Klub, a new chain that makes super awesome chicken. And also hates black people.

The swiftly-turned-out video is both a great promo for Kroll’s upcoming Comedy Central sketch series, Kroll Show, and also a hilarious condemnation of the dummies over at Chik-fil-A.

So watch it below and remember; Whenever you’re thinking about buying Chik-fil-A, you’re giving money to a bunch of stupid bigots. And they’re not even the best bigots! Chikk Klun for the win!

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