Forget The Debate: Connor Ratliff (Age 35) Releases An Inspirational New Ad

We can talk all we want about the big debate in Iowa last night, but there was one clear contender for the 2012 election that wasn’t there.

What’s that? Who? The guy from Journey? Oh, “Rick.” No, not him.

The candidate I’m talking about is Connor Ratliff, a man who burst on the scene last week and promised to give the country what the founding fathers really wanted. On Twitter today, he linked to his first “post-announcement campaign ad” which, logically, “looks back at how our campaign was announced.”

It’s a pretty inspirational video. I mean, it’s no song from a Pokemon movie, but it’s still pretty good. I especially liked the echoing clap at the end from “guy with the lit up glasses.” Surely his slow clap is there as a beacon, ready for the nation to join him one by one. And, yes, I may be a little annoyed that they paraphrased my original article, but anything for the cause, right?

Alright, that last sentence wasn’t very objective. I apologize. Seriously though, with the nation the way it is and, after watching last night’s debate, Ratliff’s platform is sounding pretty promising.

Watch the video below:

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