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‘Heckuva Job Brownie’ Slams Obama’s ‘Botched’ Response to Louisiana Floods

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 6.54.38 PMThe ex-director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is criticizing President Obama for not making a better effort to head down to Louisiana and address the state’s devastating floods.

Michael Brown headed FEMA in 2005, and he was attacked at the time along with George W. Bush amid criticisms of the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina. Obama has announced plans to visit the state on Tuesday. Brown is joining those saying that the president should’ve called off his vacation and headed South by now.

“He could have gone to Lilly Armstrong Airport in New Orleans and made a statement there, or at the very least, what he should have done,” Brown said, according to Washington Examiner. “The president needs to make sure that the entire Cabinet, that all of the departments and agencies of the federal government, know that if the FEMA director asks for anything, by damn, give it to him…”

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has worked on the disaster while Obama was in Martha’s Vineyard. With the recent photo-ops showing Obama still on the golf course, Brown said that Obama “botched” his opportunity for a strong first response.

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