Former Russia Troll Factory Staffer Claims They Made Fake Hillary Clinton Sex Tape

Over the last several weeks, it has been revealed that a Russian troll factory headed by Vladimir Putin‘s pal Yevgeny Prigozhin was responsible for creating a number of highly visited political accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook has acknowledged the Russian-linked accounts purchased $100,000 worth of political ads during 2016 election season.

We are now getting an inside look at the organization’s operation, thanks to a former staffer who has now gone on the record. In an interview with TV Rain via The Daily Beast, Alan Baskaev explained that the factory, known as Internet Research Agency, may have been behind sowing chaos and discord in American politics, but that those writing the propaganda pieces didn’t take the job too seriously.

“You know, there’s this meme about the troll factory, people sitting in black caps, masks, behind them there’s a photo of Putin and a Russian flag. They’re so intense,” he stated. “I don’t know what happened on the day shift, but the night shift was a bacchanal. We did the most ridiculous things we could think of.”

What was one of those ridiculous things? Apparently, the organization thought it struck gold with a fake video featuring a Hillary Clinton lookalike having sex with a black man. While they thought it would be a sensation, Baskaev noted that his thoughts were “no one will believe that.”

Another poorly done video that Baskaev mocked showed what was supposed to be an African-American soldier shooting a Quran. However, the man they used in the video had a very clear African accent, and those who viewed it on YouTube ridiculed the obvious propaganda attempt.

Baskaev worked at the factory from late 2014 to mid-2015. He said he was fired after it was discovered he was using pre-written forum posts rather than responding to content. The ex-staffer further stated that his time there was “the realest postmodernism.”

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