Fox Contributor Suggests Father of Fallen Soldier Went on ‘Media Campaign’ to Shore Up Business (UPDATED)


Richard Grenell (1)Fox News contributor and Republican consultant Richard Grenell suggested Monday that the reason father of a fallen soldier Khizr Khan criticized Donald Trump and sparked an ongoing feud was to enrich his business.

“Mr. Khan entered the political debate,” Grenell argued. “His ongoing media campaign on immigration is all about his business.” He linked to a Washington Examiner article detailing Khan’s day job as a lawyer and how he specializes in immigration law and obtaining a controversial form of visa

Grenell’s tweet immediately earned the ire of other commentators, journalists, and public figures.

But Grenell doubled down against his critics, saying that he was just saying that reporters should report on the potential conflict of interest.

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Editor’s Note: The headline of this post has been changed since it was originally published. Richard Grenell contends that he was criticizing Mr. Khan’s “media campaign” and not his DNC speech. The Twitter exchange below has been added for clarification.- Jon Nicosia

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