Richard Grenell

Fox Contributor Suggests MSNBC’s Katy Tur Slept Her Way to Her Position in Tweetstorm

Fox Guest Says Ellen DeGeneres is ‘Getting a Taste of Her Own Medicine’ With ‘Racist’ Accusations

Fox Contributor Suggests Father of Fallen Soldier Went on ‘Media Campaign’ to Shore Up Business (UPDATED)

Gay Republican Group Invited to CPAC After All

Fox’s Richard Grenell Claims He Was ‘Uninvited’ to Speak at CPAC

Top 9 Rising Stars of Cable News

Richard Grenell Re-Signs with Fox News Through Election 2016

Malkin: Obama Should Take Assad’s ‘Sound’ Advice Not to Strike Syria

Fox’s Kirsten Powers: Does Jesse Jackson Have to Comment on Every Crime in the Country Now?

Media Becoming Repulsed by Obama Ignoring Own ‘Red Line,’ Permitting Syrian Holocaust

Kirsten Powers Battles Fox Panel Over Snowden Leaks: He Hasn’t Caused ‘Any Damage To United States’

Fox News Watch Blasts Media For Ignoring Decreasing Gun Violence Statistics

Former Romney Advisor Rick Grenell Says Susan Rice Craved U.N. ‘Dinner Party Invites’

Richard Grenell: Media Reaction To Hillary Clinton’s Comment On Libya Attack Was ‘So Overblown’

Fox Panel Clashes Over 2007 Obama Video: ‘Not In Same Universe’ As Romney’s ’47 Percent’ Video

Former Romney Advisor Richard Grenell Battles CNN Anchor Over Obama’s Iran Strategy

Fox News Panelist: Obama ‘Slept Through’ 3 A.M. Phone Call While Hillary Clinton Picked It Up

Right-Wing Radio Host Says Todd Akin The Victim Of A ‘Forcible Situation,’ a ‘Forcible Assault’

On The Ed Show, Another Mitt Romney Surrogate Whiffs On Foreign Policy

Fox News Watch Marvel At Media’s Promotion Of Justice Roberts From ‘Right Wing Goon’ To ‘Hero’

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