Fox News Anchor Falsely Claims WaPo’s Dave Weigel Was Fired…During Discussion of ‘Fake News’


Isn’t it ironic, doncha think?

This afternoon on Fox News, anchor Leland Vittert brought on talk radio host Jeff Katz to talk about a spate of recent corrections made by the mainstream media when it comes to the Trump administration. Framed as a discussion of “fake news,” the segment resulted in Vittert spreading false information.

The two men touched on the recent brouhaha revolving around the Washington Post’s Dave Weigel tweeting out a misleading photo from President Trump’s Friday rally, leading Trump to lash out at Weigel on Twitter and demand the reporter be fired.

“You talk about this, and at least for one reporter it turned out to be inexcusable, he doesn’t have a job anymore, and that’s from The Washington Post,” Vittert told Katz, bringing up the Trump/Weigel situation. “He put up a tweet with a pretty sarcastic comment about where the president was giving his speech, he said ‘packed to the rafters’ and a picture that was taken long before the speech began.”

Um, yeah. Weigel is still at the Post. And a short time later, he did it AGAIN.

“And then the president demanded an apology,” Vittert said. “He apologized, and he now has since left.”

Vittert would later take to the air to issue a correction:

“I misspoke when talking about the controversy surrounding Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel. While the president demanded he be fired, he is still with The Washington Post, and I want, with that, to apologize for my mistake.”

Watch the original report and Vittert’s correction above, via Fox News.

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