Fox’s Geraldo Reacts to Comparisons Between Al Capone Vault Bust, Maddow Tax Report


Fox’s Geraldo Rivera appeared opposite Melissa Francis on America’s News Headquarters, and he was asked about everyone referencing one of his most infamous TV moments in response to Rachel Maddow‘s show last night.

Maddow attracted major media attention on Tuesday when she announced that she got her hands on President Trump‘s 2005 tax returns, and would go over them during her show. The returns did not unveil any particularly damaging details of Trump’s past, and the MSNBC host has taken flak for failing to deliver a bombshell after much hype.

In response to Maddow’s program, there were a lot of reactors who were reminded of the time Rivera hosted a TV special about the discovery of a secret vault that once belonged to crime boss Al Capone. For those who don’t know, the vault was excavated and opened at the end of the program, but to Rivera’s dismay, all he found inside was dirt and miscellaneous debris.

Rivera laughed while reminiscing on how disappointing the affair was in 1986, though he predicted Maddow would get a ratings spike like he got at the time. Francis remarked that Rivera couldn’t have known what would be inside the vault when he opened it, whereas Maddow was sensationalizing information she already had access to.

Rivera said that Maddow now held the “mantle” he bore from the vault, and that her tax reports did more to help Trump than hurt him. Even so, Rivera did say that MSNBC was “doing its job” and Maddow is “a fine broadcaster.”

Watch above, via Fox.

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