Fox’s Guilfoyle: Fighting Terror Must be ‘Lawful,’ So We Ought to Legalize Waterboarding

KimGWhen asked about the merits of waterboarding, The Five co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle affirmed Tuesday night that the fight against terrorism must be conducted in a “lawful” way — then stressed that it would be possible to “make laws” that effectively combat terror — “like the Patriot Act,” she noted.

Discussing the efficacy of waterboarding — which Sen. John McCain once described as “exquisite form of torture” — in light of the terror attacks in Brussels Tuesday morning, Guilfoyle said:

You have to be able to do what it takes in a lawful way. The point is, you can make laws. Especially in time of terror like this where there are exigent circumstances. National security is at stake. So you take people that you trust, your valued advisers, and you talk to the Justice Department and you come up and craft some means to do so. I mean, what they did at the time was legal. There was a policy change under this administration. A new administration can bring in their experts and their new pieces of legislation — like the Patriots Act and thing like that — to be able to effectively combat terror.

“For those who say that it doesn’t work,” Brian Kilmeade added, “you’re not sliced up in a hospital right now trying to desperately stop the bleeding. And if you were able to stop that, if you were able to stop that attack someway, somehow, you gotta think we should be open to it.”

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