Fox’s Martha MacCallum: Some Reporters Covering Trump Have ‘Overinflated View of Their Mission’


Fox News host Martha MacCallum said on The Jamie Weinstein Show Monday that too many of her journalistic peers had a flawed perception of their role when it comes to reporting on President Donald Trump.

“I think that there are some in the media who have an overinflated view of their mission,” MacCallum said. “I think our job… is to look at what this human being who is now President of the United States says he’s going to accomplish and to hold him to it, and to keep going back to that list of what he said he was going to do and measure whether or not those two things are matching up.”

“I do not think that it is our place to make vast judgments over whether or not this person is stable, for example, which is one thing that has been brought up by some members of the media,” she continued. “I think, unless you have some substantive reason to say that, I think it’s out of line. I do not wake up every morning hoping that he’s going to fail or cheering him on to succeed. We are observers of history while it’s happening and that’s what people want us to do.”

MacCallum differentiated herself from the opinion hosts at Fox News and other networks, whose job it is to opine on politics. “My show is not that. I’ve been a reporter my entire career, I’ve been out in the field covering politics for 20-something years, so my job is to call it as I see it.”

“I think that a lot of reporters get sort of a little far afield from the mission and see it in some grandiose way that I’m not really sure is appropriate,” she concluded.

Listen above, via The Jamie Weinstein Show (starting at 17:15).

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