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From The Desk Of Rep. Allen West…

Whether or not you agree with Florida Rep. Allen West‘s (R) politics, you have to give him this: The man certainly has a way with words. (Exhibit A. And Exhibit B.)

West received a letter recently from the Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR) requesting that he cut relations with, as the Council put it, “anti-Islamic extremists,” particularly Bridgette Gabriel, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and Rev. Neil Dozier. West’s response was extraordinarily succinct:

Dear Mr. Hamze and Mr. Shibly:

I am writing to you with regard your recent letter:


Steadfast and loyal,

Allen B. West
Member of Congress

CAIR’s executive director did not appreciate the response, telling the Miami New Times‘ Riptide blog that, “Obviously, I was expecting a little more from an elected official. I don’t know if he was calling me nuts or calling my request nuts or what.”

West is likely referencing Gen. Anthony McAuliffe‘s famous response to Nazi demands that he surrender at Bastogne: “To the German Commander, NUTS!, The American Commander.” See? Hysterical and historical.

Now, was West’s response — on official stationery, no less — particularly mature or appropriate? Probably not. Is it a good idea to compare a request from a group attempting to promote tolerance to a demand from Nazi forces? Probably not. But did it make us giggle it up, full on Coop-style?

…We plead the 5th.

h/t Riptide via BuzzFeed

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