Funny Or Die: Selma Blair Presents The One Woman Voting For Mitt Romney

Actress Selma Blair — I mean, Caroline Something-Or-Other –stars in a new political ad called “The Woman for Romney.” In it, Caroline thoughtfully addresses some pervading concerns about Romney’s record when it comes to women’s rights issues.

Like, say, the criticism Romney received over his campaign’s initial reticence to clarify whether or not he supports the Lilly Ledbetter (MORE LIKE LEDWORST, AMIRIGHT LADY?) Fair Pay Act. But, as Caroline points out, some of us don’t need equal pay. We just want to know that our pay is going toward the permanent destruction of the Middle East.

Then there was his comment about cutting all federal funding for Planned Parenthood, that babortion factory that also occasionally performs services like cancer screenings. “Cancer Schmancer!,” as Caroline puts it.

Have a look, via Funny or Die. But do please be warned that there is a scene of simulated “schmex,” so this might not be entirely Safe For “Work”:

h/t FunnyOrDie

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