‘Get Something or Give NOTHING’: Bernie Supporter Killer Mike Tells Black Voters to Stay Home


killer-mikeeditedOne of the things that has plagued Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the aftermath of a contentious and close Democratic primary has been getting Bernie Sanders supporters on board. In recent weeks, well-known Bernie surrogates such as Susan Sarandon and Nina Turner have reiterated that they are not supporting Clinton, with Sarandon going so far as to endorse Green Party candidate Jill Stein a week out from Election Day.

Another of Bernie’s celebrity supporters, Killer Mike, made waves yesterday when he took to his Instagram account to post a message to black voters in states like Georgia.

Yep, the rapper told African-American voters to “stay the f*ck home” if they don’t feel the politicians on the ballot can promise weed decriminalization, allowing ex-felons to legally make money off of selling marijuana and placing two black justices on the Supreme Court.

As one would expect, there was some pushback on Killer Mike’s message.

Meanwhile, Killer Mike responded to some of his critics on Twitter, stating that he was urging people to vote local and that he wants more for black voters than a pat on the head from Democrats.

Currently, per Real Clear Politics, Donald Trump leads Clinton in Georgia by 4.6 points.

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